Bakestone was founded in 2013. We wanted to create a space where you can FInd yourself totally at ease. A type of sanctuary from the hectic demands of the outside world, where you can regroup as a family, catch up with friends, bond with your babies or simply have a moment to yourself

We love food. Bakestone has always been at the helm of creativity and experimentation, which has proved well over the last five years. Naturally, we believe in sourcing locally & ethically. Local, organic food always tastes better so why choose anything else?!

Our team are always happy to help. Our mission is to oFFer a pleasant & memorable experience at Bakestone every time. 

Bakestone’s journey to date has been fun, educating and super busy. We appreciate you and your custom and continue to improve standards going forward in to the future so that you can continue to cherish the important moments, hassle free.

From all of us at Bakestone,

Thank You.